Golden eagles in the Duratón

Today we have spent the morning photographing golden eagles in the surroundings of the Hoces Del Río Duratón Natural Park. The morning began with a dense fog that could spoil the possibilities of a good session. But after a couple of hours waiting inside the hide without seeing ten meters in front of us, at eleven in the morning, the fog began to rise. And as soon as we began to have visibility, the first of the eagles appeared flying straight towards us, giving us time to take the first photos in flight.

A few seconds later his partner appeared, and without hardly realizing it we had the two golden eagles eating in their perches. We were able to make dozens of photos of the eagles while eating, but also, thanks to the strategic placement of several perches, the eagles delighted us with spectacular flights between them. In short, a fantastic morning with an amazing species and hundreds of photos on memory cards.

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