Wildlife Photo Spain

Photo tours

Leave planning and logistics to Wildlife Photo Spain and you will enjoy an amazing experience taken photos in our high quality photography tours. We can arrange private tours to any of our destinations according to the species you want to photograph, or just join one of our organized trips.

Full weekend photographing bearded vultures in the supplementary feeding point for this emblematic species in Buseu. We will have the opportunity to photograph different ages and plumages of this interesting bird.

Come and enjoy this trip through the plains of Central Spain. We will travel to Cantalejo, a small town near the Hoces del Río Duraton Natural Park. During these two days we will be able to photograph more than twenty different species of birds. Golden eaglesvultures, kitesbee-eaters (spring trip), woodpeckers and a lot of passerines (winter trip)..

In this photo trip we will visit the dehesas and mountains of Extremadura, a paradise for the mediterranean wildlife. We will have the opportunity to photograph bonelli’s eagle, one of the highlights of the Iberian Peninsula. Vulturesazure-winged magpies, blue rock thrush and much more species will be in front of our lenses.

During this weekend photo trip we will visit the mountains of north Spain. In this forests it is possible to photograph some interesting eurosiberian highlights like bull-finchesblack woodpeckermiddle spotted woodpecker, marsh tit, yellowhammer or brambling

During this trip we will visit the steppes of Campo de Montiel. Depending on the season we will photograph different species exclusive of this environment. In April we will focus on great bustards and little bustards in their leks, and in the summer months we will photograph sandgrouses and stone curlew in the drinking pools.